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Witney Blanket Hall
Witney Blanket Hall Home of Witney Blankets

WITNEY BLANKET HALL is open from 10am to 5pm every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

Tel: 01993 706408 or 07713 636415.

Angela Griffin (Hall Warden),

Sara Anderson (Shop Queen)

See you soon!

   After 1845 the New Mills established their own measuring, and the redundant Blanket Hall became variously a Brewery, Lemonade Factory, Engineering Shop, Office of births marriages & deaths, Dancing School, & for a few years a distinctive Gentleman’s House.

  During most of its History, the Hall was also where many of the town's publick meetings took place, the death of Kings solemnly commemorated, & the birth of Princes celebrated with great Feasts. In the 18th century, the Hall housed the town’s Fire Pump.

WITNEY BLANKET HALL was built in 1721 by the Company of Blanket Makers. For over 120 years, every Blanket woven in the town came to the Hall to be weighed & measured, and upstairs in the Great Room the Company set the Rules for the Trade.

A postcard of Witney Blanket Hall
Witney Blanket Hall street frontage

The Shop

The Measuring Room SHOP at Witney Blanket Hall

WITNEY BLANKET HALL has lately re-opened its doors on the High Street to reveal this illustrious past and to offer our  woollen throws, fine coffee, beers & ciders, excellent pies, & Assemblies (both commercial & cultural.)

Visitor, you are Welcome.

The Great Room at Witney Blanket Hall

The Great Room

The Pieshop at Witney Blanket Hall

The Pieshop

The Stair Hall at Witney Blanket Hall

The Stair Hall