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Witney Blanket Hall The Home of Witney Blankets

100 Photographs of the work carried out before the Hall was reopened to the public in Autumn 2015

WITNEY BLANKET HALL has, over its 300 year history, undergone many renovations: because its use was changing, or simply because time (though it might be a good healer!) is not necessarily good for buildings.

   Brian Crawford did fantastic things in the 1970s and later, bringing the Hall back from the brink of dereliction; but that was as a very distinctive private house, workshop, and garage. (Photographs of this work will come soon.)

   During 2014 and 2015 new and mighty works were needed to renovate and adapt the Hall before it could be re-opened to the public. Here are some photographs to give a flavour of the scope and nature of that work...

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