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Witney Blanket Hall The Home of Witney Blankets
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  A while back, Heather Pike came to the Great Room at the Blanket Hall with a lively re-telling of Charles Dickens' much-loved 'A Christmas Carol'.

  Her audience was so delighted, there was a general clamour for another 'Pike Party', and so back she came on Thursday 23rd May 2024... This time with a terrific PG Wodehouse story 'Jeeves Takes Charge'.  

  Once again Heather came up trumps, and her audience revelled in the fun. Thank you Heather for a hugely enjoyable show.

  And of course, an afternoon in The Blanket Hall  has to involved a traditional slap-up 'Blanket Hall Tea'... Splendid!

  Jeeves wasn't there to prepare and serve it(!), but Hall Warden Angela, and Nicola, and all who helped did a truly wonderful job... Thank you to everyone concerned.

The story begins:

   I shall always remember the morning he came. It so happened that the night before I had been present at a rather cheery little supper, and I was feeling pretty rocky.
   I crawled off the sofa and opened the door. 
   “I was sent by the agency, sir,” he said. “I was given to understand that you required a valet.”
   I’d have preferred an undertaker; but I told him to stagger in, and he floated noiselessly through the doorway like a healing zephyr. 
   That impressed me from the start... This fellow didn't seem to have any feet at all. He just streamed in. Then he seemed to flicker, and wasn’t there any longer. I heard him moving about in the kitchen, and presently he came back with a glass on a tray.
   “If you would drink this, sir,” he said, “It is a little preparation of my own invention.”
   I would have clutched at anything that looked like a life-line that morning. I swallowed the stuff....  then everything seemed suddenly to get all right. The sun shone in through the window; birds twittered in the tree-tops; and, generally speaking, hope dawned once more.
   “You're engaged!” I said, as soon as I could say anything.
   “Thank you, sir. My name is Jeeves.”

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... And a spiffing time was had by all!

If you would like to run an event at The Blanket Hall, or have any ideas for an event, do please get in touch with our Hall Warden, Angela, HERE

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